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I have moved – yes the era of the MSN space is at an end.  It has been a great experience but in the end has proved too limited in its features.  So, from now on you can find my blog herer:
Cheers – R 😉
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New Blog…?

I am *toying* with the idea of moving my blog – to google (namely blogspot.com).  It will allow me to completely control the style and content and hopefully not crash my router ever time I run multiple uploads….
Watch this space – http://rakh1.blogspot.com
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What a nice day…

In the office today and it is an amazing 25C outside with blue skies and no wind.  Lovely….shame I work inside with computers 😦
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The most horrilbe thing ever!

Was eating dinner last night – pasta and meatballs (kind of Swedish meats Italian) – anyway, as I was eating I coughed accidentaly.  I then felt a nasty feeling in my sinus under my right cheek.  It fealt like something was up there, not in my nose but actually in my sinus.  After about 30 secs of blowing and coughing I finally got it out – a 4cm long bit of spaghetti.  It was horrible – I was nearly sick! 😦
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Our cherry tree

Suddenly noticed yesterday that our Cherry tree had dropped nearly all of its blossom in about 3 hours.  The front garden looks pink!
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The Sin of Jealousy!

Nick and Laura came for dinner on Sat night.  Nick (my step-brother) bought his new car……  Lets just say that this exact model and colour hung on my wall as a kid for years.  I am green with envy and am thinking of selling the cats to fund a similar purchase 😉
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